Haters, you need to cut it out with the pumpkin spice trend bashing. Especially if you’re a woman. Yeah, sure, you’re welcome to express your opinion if you don’t personally care for the flavor. We can all agree that it’s a little crazy that there is pumpkin spice EVERTHING out there. Turns out, though, if you examine the love of the flavor and the rabid hatred for the trend that’s popping up in everything from pet food to hair styles, you’re not doing the feminist cause any favors.

Falling for Fall

I adore autumn. I know summer is great, but I’ve come to the conclusion that, no matter how many times my logical brain reminds me, “Autumn means winter is coming. Snow and driving sucks! Whey are you excited about fall?” I just can’t help myself. I love seasonal shifts, and the shift from summer to fall is my favorite.

A love of all things autumn necessitates a love for pumpkin spice scent and flavor. Full disclosure: I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, but that’s probably because I don’t go to Starbucks (I’m a Java House girl). However, I have been known to load up on the pumpkin spice scented wax and candles and bathroom air fresheners, as well as baking huge batches of pumpkin spice cakes shaped like little pumpkins, drizzled in cream cheese frosting.

In recent years, there’s been an anti-pumpkin-spice storm brewing online, and the enmity is largely aimed at “basic white girls who love pumpkin spice lattes.” I will admit, in an attempt to not seem “basic” that I have minimized my love of pumpkin spice things. After all, I’m a recovering high-school goth — nothing is worse than conformity!

Actually, there is something worse. Suppressing your genuine love of something because you are so fixated on not being “like everyone else.” The most metal thing to do is to just (gasp) BE YOURSELF.

Pumpkin Spice Hating is Aimed at Women

I decided to “come out” as a pumpkin spice fanatic after seeing this post on Facebook. I love this assertion. Obsession with bacon is “bro-acceptable” but reveling in pumpkin spice is lame and basic.

Bacon is everywhere, and is just as much an “epidemic” as pumpkin spice. I’ve seen bacon shaped band-aids, bacon breath mints, and bacon beer, just to name a few. So, what’s the difference, exactly?

Well, bacon is masculine. It’s quirky and cool to love bacon everything, like a dude growing a carnival-barker mustache and waxing it. See, guys are allowed to have a flavor obsession, but apparently women are not. Female preference is stupid and basic.

Well, I cry bullshit. This needs to stop. If you like something, like it! Be loud and proud. If you genuinely don’t like pumpkin spice flavor, courteously refuse it and deal with the fact that it’s ridiculously all over the place. If I have to deal with Donald Trump being everywhere all the time, I think the pumpkin spice haters can probably survive until Christmas when pumpkin spice nestles back into its cave for the winter, spring, and summer. A well-deserved hibernation!

If He Loves Pumpkin Spice, or Supports Your Obsession, He’s a Keeper!

A few days ago, my husband Lee came home with a load of groceries, ecstatic as usual to show me all the goodies he’d found at economical prices.

Check out this pumpkin spice lovin’ hunk. Back off, he’s mine!

My husband, the father of my child, love of my life, had purchased the following items:

-three different pumpkin spice beers (including a beer that describes itself as “pumpkin spice latte flavor”).

-pumpkin spice popcorn

-literally a giant pumpkin pie

-and I think like three more things that I can’t remember right now that had to do with pumpkin spice

I think he may love pumpkin spice even more than I do! He would never pick on me or anyone else for our preferences, or participate in this ridiculous “bacon obsession is okay, but pumpkin spice is basic” narrative.

He loves bacon, too, by the way. And so do I. I want to make pumpkin spice bacon for breakfast tomorrow! Take that, haters!