1. The best scent wax I have ever found is Silver Birch by Yankee Candle Company. It lasts way longer than your usual wax melts. I gotta say it makes your whole bathroom smell like a very handsome, freshly-washed himbo/dudebro, which for some reason I am %100 into.

2. If I had actually gotten the tattoo I wanted at age sixteen, I would be stuck with a Smashing Pumpkins tramp stamp.

3. Sometimes I can only think of the punchlines of jokes but have no idea how to set the joke up. For example, “A Mad-Maxi pad!” or “Pringles give you singles!”

probably because he has shingles

4. I used to know how to curry down a horse, get rocks out of its hooves, and put a blanket and a saddle on it, though I never graduated to bits/bridles.

I wasn’t a Taylor Swift-style horse girl. I was a Tina, through and through.

5. When my lips get chapped and I put on chapstick, my lips get more chapped because I can’t stop licking or rubbing the lip balm off, which just makes everything worse and proves I have no self-control. My only hope is to fall asleep with it on.

If you know the reference, you are cool.

6. I never watched Game of Thrones. I got the first two episodes on a DVD from Netflix (remember when) but I just sent it back without watching it for reasons I couldn’t understand at the time other than I just didn’t feel like watching it. Now I know I will never watch it because of all the rapes, and the ending itself is all over the internet for being garbage.

I think I got the basic story anyway because of all the memes I’ve seen

7. I used to drink my coffee black and make fun of people for liking cream and sugar. Now I have to have creamer, but it can’t be overly sweet or flavored. I prefer heavy cream or half and half, and never sugar or sweetener. Sometimes cinnamon.

8. I like plain bagels with peanut butter on one side and plain cream cheese on the other and then you make it a sandwich. I figured this out from eating continental breakfast at hotels where they only have plain cream cheese. I found it boring and tried something new.

9. The song I sang to my daughter the most in her infancy was not a lullaby, but the Ghostbusters theme while I made her legs dance. I don’t know why, but she loved it.

10. My high school used to have a 50-cent pop can machine with Mt. Dew and Wild Cherry Pepsi. I used to slam those things like you wouldn’t believe. Now I hate both of those sodas and almost all pop, though Sierra Mist has been weirdly appealing to me lately. The concept of there being a pop machine in a school where freshmen could drop in some quarters and chug Mt. Dew just really floors me. Times have changed!